How to Create a Brand on Purpose

A Guide for Small Business Owners | taught by Jän Paul Ostendorf

Course description

All great brands have learned to tap into the power of branding. Branding is about meaning-making and communicating purpose. Now, how can you do that for your company?

This course is designed for small business owners (and their leadership team) to harness the power of purpose. It has eight exercises to guide you through the process of defining your purpose so that you can communicate with meaning and motivation—attracting the right customers for the right reasons.

People engage with things they can understand. People will connect with a clear and concise message. 

Signs that your company's messaging needs clarified:

• potential customers misunderstand your company's value

• your company looks and sounds like your competitors

• your old business identity doesn't represent who you have become

• your company's direction is unclear

This course will help you develop a clear and solid foundation for all business communications and will positively affect every area of your business from hiring employees to sales messaging. Communicating with purpose has far-reaching implications for determining your vision, mission, culture and core values to help build a company on a unified understanding of why you are on the planet and what you're trying to accomplish as an organization.


The results of this course can be used to:
• Clarify your messaging
• Guide a company through rebranding
• Generate new ideas on how to reach your audience
• Attract the right customers for the right reasons
• Communicate a new strategic direction
• Facilitate a change in your business model
• Build the foundation for rebranding or naming your company

Jän Paul Ostendorf
Jän Paul Ostendorf
Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur & Brand Strategist

Jän was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Jän studied product, interior space and graphic design at The Ohio State University from 1985–1989 and majored in Visual Communication Design with a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design.

From 1989 to 1998, he held positions of designer and art director at a few local design firms and agencies in the Dayton area. In 1994, he invented (Patent#5551178), developed and brought to market the first collapsible, non-metal, lightweight real estate sign. Once launched, he oversaw the marketing and sales of the sign to individual realtors, realty firms, brokers and realty franchises.

From 1998 to 2016, he co-owned and helped run Catalyst Creative Partnership, a design firm, for ten years, and FORGE, a branding and web agency, for seven years. He now runs his branding consultancy called Purpose Branding where he helps small, privately-held business owners clarify their message, both verbally and visually, bringing the power of branding to small businesses.

Author of "The Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns Through Branding" and "Branding on Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Small Business Owners"




Course Curriculum

Exercise Two: Personality Type of the Leader
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Exercise Three: Belief Statements
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Exercise Five: Onliness Statement
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Exercise Six: Vision
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Exercise Seven: Mission
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Exercise Eight: Brand Story
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